Archaius Config Source Plugin

Config Source Plugin

Config Source Plugin let’s you write your own the Config-Center client implementation for the different types of Config Source.


Go-Chassis can support pulling the configuration from different types of config centers, currently there are 2 implementation available for Config-Client Plugin (Go-Archaius Config-center, Ctrip Apollo Config-center). If you want to implement any new client for another config-center then you have to implement the following ConfigClient Interface.

//ConfigClient is the interface of config server client, it has basic func to interact with config server
type ConfigClient interface {
    //Init the Configuration for the Server
    //PullConfigs pull all configs from remote
    PullConfigs(serviceName, version, app, env string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
    //PullConfig pull one config from remote
    PullConfig(serviceName, version, app, env, key, contentType string) (interface{}, error)
    //PullConfigsByDI pulls the configurations with customized DimensionInfo/Project
    PullConfigsByDI(dimensionInfo , diInfo string)(map[string]map[string]interface{}, error)

Once you implement the above interface then you need to define the type of your configClient

      type: your_client_name   #config_center/apollo/your_client_name

Based on this type you need to load the plugin in your init()

 func init(){
    client.InstallConfigClientPlugin("NameOfYourPLugin", InitConfigYourPlugin)

You need to import the package path in your application to Enable your plugin. Once the plugin is enabled then you can pull configuration using the ConfigClient

client.DefaultClient.PullConfigs(serviceName, versionName, appName, env)