Kubernetes discovery is a service discovery choice, it implements ServiceDiscovery Plugin, which leads go-chassis to do service discovery in kubernetes cluster according to Services.

Import Path

kube discovery is a service discovery plugin that should import in your application code explicitly.

import _ "github.com/go-chassis/go-chassis-plugins/registry/kube"


If you set cse.service.Registry.serviceDiscovery.type as “kube”, then “configPath” is necessary to comminucate with kubernetes cluster. The go-chassis consumer applications would find Endpoints and Services in cluster that provider applications deployed.

NOTE: Provider applications with go-chassis must deploy itself as a Pod asscociate with Services. The Service ports must be named and the port name must be the form <protocol>[-<suffix>]. protocol can set to be rest or highway now.
        type: kube
        configPath: /etc/.kube/config

To see the detailed use case of how to use kube discovery with chassis please refer to this example.